What Can You Do In Alaska?

travel alaskaAlaska is known for it’s diverse terrain, small towns, sky scrapping mountains, flourishing wildlife, and dense forests.  Alaska is a premier destination for outdoor activities.

Outdoor enthusiasts love to visit Alaska for the unique opportunities for fishing, skiing, mountain biking, and kayaking that they can’t quite get the same experience back home.

If you have never been to Alaska before, but are curious about taking a trip there in the future, here is a short list of some things you can experience during your stay.


If you want to see Alaska from a different perspective, and take home some incredible views, then you need to try the Juneau Shore Excursion: Helicopter Tour & Guided Icefield Walk.  This two and a half hour excursion will show you incredible views of Alaska.  You’ll see the abundant wildlife, rare views of mountain ranges and the terrain below just before you touch down on Herbert Glacier where you’ll explore the land by foot.

This is one unforgettable experience that will make you truly appreciate the Alaskan nature and wildlife.

Whale Watching

If you thought it was impossible to see whales in the icy waters of Alaska, then think again.  You can expect to ride with the whales for 2 hours and take your perfect picture of humpback whales and Orca Whales swimming right up to the boat.

Shortly after the whale watching excursion is over, you will dock at Mendenhall Glacier where you can explore by foot and take in the scenery around you.

Brew Tour

Anchorage Craft Brew Tour and Tasting is a great time to hang with some friends and enjoy the local craft beer.  Here you will get an inside look at the local Alaskan beer culture while you tour and taste local beer from different breweries for three and a half hours.

The tour includes three different stops at local breweries where you’ll get to hang out with the locals and sip on some cold craft brew that is well known throughout Alaska.  Things might bet buzzing after a while so a designated driver should be arranged after the tour is over.

There are several different places that you can visit if you choose Alaska as your destination place.  Juneau is the capital of the state and has a wide range of outdoor activities.  Most people enjoy Juneau for it’s Glaciers and wildlife, which makes it for a great place to go backpacking and hiking.  Another top destination is Anchorage, which is known for it’s national parks and museums.

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